About ME

Hi, I’m Rose Polglase. I am a 30-something, Canberra Mum of three, who can’t live without lip balm, lycra and my Adidas trainers.

I believe green(ery) is the new black, you can never own too many cushions, but most importantly, that every house should feel like home.

Since transforming my 1980’s brick veneer home in Canberra’s south I have:

  • Interned for a national interiors magazine sourcing “must-have” furniture and homewares products for editorials

  • Styled properties for sale and rent

  • Styled and photographed products for business owners, and

  • Guided homeowners to create dream spaces in their forever homes.

It’s safe to say, creating is my jam!

want to know more?

I grew up appreciating beautiful aesthetics, trending design and adoring style. From a young age, I have been obsessed with styling across beauty, fashion and of course, interiors. 

I spent my days as a child drawing up floor plans of my dream home, rearranging my bedroom, bringing new life to old furniture with a splash of paint and begging my parents to buy decorator items for my room.

When high school began this was all forgotten. This creative escape became a distant memory and text books, friendship and boys—the usual teenage stuff became my life. 

So after finishing school I did what my Mum said to do and got a job in an office.

I’ve been fortunate to work in communication and marketing for one of Australia’s largest federal government agencies, for the most part of my early career.

So what brings me here?

Fast forward a few years and following the birth of my first child, I began questioning life.

In this space of transition, I searched for more connection, more meaning and more purpose. I soon awakened to the world of entrepreneurship. These amazing creatives, living life on their own terms and being paid to do it, simply through sharing a love and passion for their craft.

And so it began, I put my head down and after much creative play, study and some help from the spiritual world (I love me a psychic reading!), I forged a new path creating and styling. And as it happens, I didn’t need to look too far away. I rediscovered my love of interiors right in my own home.

Now here I am.

Creating spaces that feel like home.

Connecting with the people who inhabit these homes.

This is what brings me joy and what I am here to do.


To find out more about what I do, dance over here.